Glossybox UK April 2017


This is my very first blog and I’m going to start it by reviewing the April 2017 glossybox I received yesterday . This is the  most exciting day of the month for me (that’s if I’m not jetting off somewhere or participating in something equally as thrilling) is when that shiny pink box arrives at the front door.

I’ve been receiving glossyboxes since 2013 and I can’t get enough (its like Xmas day every month). For £10 a month plus p+p I get 5 must have beauty products, some full size some sample size. Ranging from well-known brands to brands I haven’t even heard of before . Granted the bright pink Barbie lipstick or floral granny perfume might not get used or might not be to your taste, but they can make good gifts for those they suit better.

However, that said more often than not I test most products and on more than one occasion I have preceded to purchase or continue to use the full size product. You even get the option to receive a free box if you spend the time reviewing each product and saving up glossydots.

Anyway what I thought of the April glossybox:20170411_171418
April’s glossybox which promises to make life a little bit easier for all busy women, by helping us save precious time by providing us with beauty on the go products. I’m mostly excited by the full size  deliwash cleansing conditioner I cannot wait to see if this is the shampoo/ conditioner I have been looking for all my life.  My hair is quite stubborn, dry and thick and I’m hoping that this product does the trick . Apparently free from sulphates, salt and artificial colours it can be used everyday without the worry of stripping your hair.

The second item worth raving about is the sportfix eyeliner pencil another full size product with a sharp black and brown duo retractable pencil. The brown pencil can be used to define eyebrows which is what I’m most excited about. Apparently waterproof and will withstand a session at the gym, reducing the risk of your eyebrows sliding down your face mid session. Team this up with the longwear rodial glamolash then you can even look sexy whilst working out.

The mercihandy cleansing gel is definitely a cute added bonus to drop in my handbag and smells divine. As a nurse this formula apparently leaves hands hydrated and soft thanks to the tiny pearls within the formula , which I’m hoping will be great for my dry hands. Finally the one I’m not too sure about the modelco contour stick . I’m not to sure about the colour it looks more like a bright pink lipstick than something I would contour my face with , either way I will have a go making sure I have facewipes to hand.  Overall April’s glossybox gets a 🖒from me 💜 💜

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