GlossyBox Sept 2017

GlossyBox_logoSo I received the September Glossybox just over a week ago now so thought I would share my findings with you. This box did not disappoint I was super excited to try out all the products my favourite being the toothpaste by Taylors 32 so I will start by reviewing this product. IMG_20170913_081218_016

I received the Taylors 32 Fennel and Mint toothpaste, at first thought, the sound of Fennel put me off in fact I was slightly disappointed with the product and was going to throw it in the back of the drawer to collect dust when something inside me told me to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised as this toothpaste left my mouth feeling zingy, fresh and extra clean and I think it was all thanks to the Fennel flavour. This toothpaste also boasts to be have natural whitening properties and the Fennel acts as an antiseptic combatting allsorts of germs in the mouth. Definitely will buy this in the future at £5.00 a tube you cant go wrong :).

Next in the box was the Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer. I love brow tamers so this was a welcomed sight since I had used up the whole of the last one (which I got from a previous Glossybox). Not much to say about this product it did the job and mixed with a bit of eyebrow pencil will ensure your eyebrows stay in tip top condition.

Next up is the Siligel Blender. Not too sure about this silicone makeup blender, I have only used it once whilst trying to apply foundation to my face, but after failing really really badly I gave up.  The foundation just didn’t seem to blend into my skin leaving streaks everywhere, not sure if it was my technique, but how hard can it be? So this got a thumbs down from me.

The Skin fix hand repair cream was also very good, as I am a nurse any product that is going to hydrate and moisturise my tired old looking hands is a plus . My mum who suffers with extremely dry skin to her hands also rated this product A* .

Lastly the Monu Skin Firming Fiji Facial Oil  I used this product only once and cant really used it again. Made my face feel like a sliding slithering mess and I had a shiny shiny face. I would imagine those with extremely dry skin would find this more beneficial but I just broke out in spots and looked like a sweaty Betty. So another thumbs down for me.

So 3 out of 5 products isn’t bad and I love Glossybox day regardless of what I get. For £10.00 a month plus P&P you cant go wrong for a little girly treat every month. Plus in this months box you got a free Kinder Bueno yummmmmm !!! Click here to subscribe!


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