A review on the BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend Brush Set !!

So I have been wanting to add to my makeup brush collection for some time now and I  have been putting my detective skills to the test, reading reviews on the best ones to purchase. I needed a set for every day appliance, I’m not a professional makeup artist so didn’t need an all singing all dancing set nor did I want to splurge out on an expensive set. I just wanted a set that I could experiment with contouring and highlighting and specifically for applying powders, creams and blushes. 


So whilst in TK Maxx looking for some home inspiration I stumbled across the makeup section and there in front of me was the most gorgeous set of brushes. The gold on black combo made these brushes look super stylish and I knew they would look great on my dressing table. I’d read all about the BH cosmetics brush set whilst searching on the net and they had received very good reviews. So I thought this must be fate and bought them. I couldn’t believe the price tag either!! At £14.99 (just under £1.50 a brush) this set was a steal ! 


The BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 10 piece brush set contains 10 dual- fiber brushes small to large for the application of powders or cream, for buffing and creating that airbrushed look on the skin. Even though these brushes didn’t break the bank they feel sturdy to hold and felt like  a high quality brush. The bristle head also feels soft to touch and doesn’t have that scratchy feeling on the skin. I particularly loved the ombre grey to black theme on the bristles. 




So the brushes are numbered from 113 – 117 for the larger brushes and 118-122 for the smaller brushes. 


113- Round Blending Face Brush

So I use this brush for applying foundation, I use liquid foundation but it would work just as well with cream or powder to. It feels so soft on the skin and not to harsh and gives a good coverage. Buffing the brush on the skin gives an overall airbrushed feel.

114- Angled Blending Face Brush

I have been using this brush to apply highlighter blusher to my cheekbones the angle of this brush makes it easier to contour. It could also be used to apply blusher. I have really seen a difference to the way the powder is applied by using this brush.

115- Tapered Contouring Face Brush

This brush can be used for multiple areas , so I personally use this brush to apply contour to the larger areas of my face and to blend in but it also could be used to apply highlighter or to blend liquid foundation to those hard to reach areas such as nose or eyes.

116- Flat Blending Face Brush

This brush I use for applying blusher to the cheeks the dabbing effect gives my cheeks a lovely natural glow.

117- Angled contouring Face Brush

Love this brush for blending and buffing together contour, highlighter and blusher as it is flat and angled it gives off an amazing effect to the cheekbone area.


The next brushes are the smaller brushes which I find can be used to highlight, contour and blend small areas of the face such as the inner corners of your eyes, to highlight under the brow, to apply eyeshadow, hide blemishes and to blend the product in around the nose and eyes.

118 – Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush

119- Small Angled Blending Face Brush.

120- Small Flat Blending Face Brush

121- Small Angled Contouring Face Brush

122- Small Round Blending Face Brush

Overall I really rate this collection of brushes, they are pretty, very sturdy and do a good job for the price. I’m not finding strands of bristle left on my face after application eithervand they look like they will be easily washable. I’m glad I made this purchase ! What brushes do you use? Or have you got this brush set ? If so let me know what you think ! XOXO 

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    1. I have just had a nosy at the IT cosmetics brushes and they look beautiful !! Will definitely have to give those a try in the future. The holder was also from TK Maxx think it cos about £3.99 🙂 XXX

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