Unicorn Cosmetics. Class of 86 eye stationary set.


I stumbled across this cute/girly/quirky website dedicated to makeup, lashes and the most gorgeous makeup brushes you ever did see! It would have been rude not to treat myself to some new eye shadow brushes with a twist! The name of the set sold it to me already as 1986 is the year I was born.

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The overall appearance is a pearlescent purple pink handle which reminds me of a unicorn horn and the bristles are a mix of soft pastel colours drawing an elegant feel to this product. What makes these brushes even more admirable is that they are fully vegan and cruelty free made out of synthetic taklon. The brushes arrive inside a cool retro style pencil case and a guide is included as to how to utilise the brushes.

So I’ve had a go at using these but truth be told I’m a bit of a newbie to having a full on set of eye shadow brushes which promise to create any look. 43447410_722608708117066_3314935147228299264_nSo I had to consult the guide as to how to use the brushes effectively. These brushes are definitely of high end quality, the bristles are soft to the skin and blend shadow easily and effectively without any shredding. I’ve managed to achieve some really gorgeous looks that I have never been able to do before due to my poor quality of brushes.

So their are 7 brushes included and here is the guide on how to use them.

  1. Prow Brow/ Wing Liner Brush or The Trend – To use on brows or to create a winged look.
  2. Pro Petite Blending Brush for the hooded eye or The Babe – A blending brush for detailed blending.
  3. Pro Tapered Fluffy Blending Brush or The Crush – For professional eye shadow blending.
  4. Pro Luxe Contour Blending Brush or The Mixtape – For applying or blending eye shadow or contouring.43408198_241968430008732_5854223072227229696_n
  5. Pro Petite Crease Brush or The Game – For applying eye shadow to the crease of the eye.
  6. Pro Concealer Cutting Application Brush or The Hero – For applying concealer.
  7. Pro Detailer Brush for Precision Detailing or The Icon – For detailed application.

Overall I am really glad I purchased this item its cute and does the job. The full price of these brushes were £24.99 but I managed to buy them for £19.99. If you make an account with them you can instantly save £5.00 off your first order by earning points for different actions such as sharing on social media, entering your birth date and leaving reviews. Those points turn into money off hence why I got mine a little bit cheaper ! I think thats well worth it if you ask me !! If you click on this Link you can get 20% off and I will get 250 points ! Go for it you know you want too.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what eye shadow brushes you use and please give me a follow . MWAH . 








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