Halloween Special Edition GlossyBox!!

The Halloween Glossybox finally arrived this week and I already knew which one I wanted. There were two boxes available the Trick box and the Treat box. The Treat box contained the bright pink Illamasqua Lipstick and Highlighter kit and the Trick box contained a purple Illamasqua lipstick and a contour kit. I was over the moon when the Treat Box came to my door as I really wanted the Pink Lipstick which I got !! Winner!! 

This box cost £13.25 and I got over £65 worth of products with 4 full sized products inside. I’m loving the products in this month Glossy box with some well known brands thrown in there and I’ve managed to test them all out ! An added bonus to this box is that the contents are all cruelty free So here’s a little review about what I think about the products. 

    1. The first product I wanted to get my hands on quick and try out was the Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in the colour Nebula. 44026611_175416876671127_1118664970008002560_n This colour is like the brightest pink ever ! The lipstick comes in the sassiest most sleekest black casing and just looks beautiful. I couldn’t wait to try it out and had heard lots of reviews about this lipstick stating that it does not dry the lips out and lasts for hours. On first application it felt creamy to the lips and extremely bright. It leaves a matte finish and stays on all day, but it did start drying out later on in the day and cracking started to appear so needed touching up.  I loved the 44091809_322119795009216_1397703386001833984_ncolour too, not for everyday use but will look great on a night out. I think next time I wear this I will apply a balm beforehand to lessen the drying and cracking effect it has. This costs £20.00 and you can purchase it Here

     2. The next item was from MUA Makeup Academy the Luxe Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit in Pink Lustre. I was really surprised with this highlighter kit as it retails at only £5.00 but the packaging and presentation is absolutely gorgeous and it does a fab job too. It includes a little mirror with a powder highlighter and a cream highlighter underneath. This looks perfect on. I use the powder highlighter for everyday wear and I use the cream alongside the powder if I want to create a more shinier sparkly look at night. This strobing kit illuminates my cheekbones and cupids bow perfectly and the colour doesn’t look too harsh against my skin tone. It also lasts quite along time after application. For the price I will definitely be purchasing this again. You can buy this product Here 

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      3.Luna by Luna Translucent Loose Powder was the next item that caught my eye. I very rarely use powder for the simple reason I hate how messy it can get, but I thought I would bare with it and give this one a try anyway. Its a cruelty free product and soaks up excess oil and hides pores. I wasn’t too taken with this product, maybe because I’m not used to wearing it, but I found my face feeling

rather furry and very pale after application and found it sort of bobbled on my skin with the foundation I was using. It also looked glittery and I’m not a fan of glitter all over my face. Maybe this would be good to use as a highlighter. Not a winner for me unfortunately. You can buy this product Here

      4. Always love trying out a new primer and this didn’t disappoint. The In Transit Camera Close Up by This Works, really does work. On first application it felt smooth and moisturising to the skin and gave me a good base to start applying my makeup. It fills in my pores so that after application of makeup my skin felt even and instantly plumped and my skin felt firmer. 43878321_2206322712946097_7844633435430715392_nMy makeup stays on for hours with this.  This formula contains a blend of repairing plant oils Hyaluronic Acid, Argan and Starflower Oils with a hint of caffeine and is also a cruelty free product.  For a full sized product (40ml) this costs £35.00 but you can buy the mini deluxe (20ml) if you just fancy trying it out for £17.00. You can buy this product Here

   5. Its always nice to get an eye shadow palette inside my Glossybox and I was really happy to see this Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palette called Oh So Special which contains 12 super pigmented autumnal colours. I’ve tried a few of these out and had a play around and the colours are just gorgeous and I can create lots of smokey eye effect with these! There is a mixture of matte and pearlescent shades so you can achieve a natural look too. 

A bargain at £8.99 so you can get one here Here

There you have it, my thoughts on this Halloween Glossy Box . If you want to try one for yourself and get 20% off your first box click on this link

Hope you enjoyed reading and please follow my blog xoxoxox

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