Look Incredible Box October 2018

44180453_2363121773730376_6782891037091168256_nThis is my second Look Incredible box and I was so excited to see what was inside this months it feels like I’ve been waiting so long. The contents of the last box was pretty impressive, you can see my blog for that HERE. This month it arrived in a gold box as opposed to the silver one I got last month. The only problem I have had with these boxes is that for £35.00 a month I expect the box to arrive well presented. I think presentation is everything and to me it just looks like the products have been thrown into a box with a bit of shredded paper underneath and it looks really underwhelming. I dont get the same excitement that I get when I open my Glossybox . Anyway that’s my rant over with lets talk about the products …

The first product that caught my eye was the Emerald City Eye Shadow Palette from the brand Cargo Cosmetics. This retails at £30.00 and is influenced by the coffee cultured city of Seattle. This kit includes 12 colours which is supposed to emulate the city landscapes and includes neutrals, greens and golden colours which consist of 5 matte colours and 7 shimmers.

The palette is housed in an Emerald Green cardboard box with gold detailing to the front. The box closes magnetically. The box itself is gorgeous and has a christmassy feel to it. The interior of this palette is golden with a handy decent sized mirror attached to the lid. There is also a small double sided brush included, which is OK but nothing to rave about.

The colours in this palette are very pigmented especially the greens which seem really intense on application. Only a small amount of powder is needed as fall out occurs from this product and I have often been covered in little specs of green dust under my eyes an on my nose, so can get messy. I usually have a big brush to dust excess powder off.

All of the colours work really well together and also blend together easily and effectively. I have mostly used the lighter tones as a base and the greens and browns on my lids. The earthy green colours of this palette really make my eyes pop. I have also used the lighter shimmery shades to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and cupids bow. Once applied the Eye Shadow does not moved so I’m pretty impressed with that. Overall I really rate this product !!

The next product is from Tarte and is the Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter in the shade ‘Stunner’. 44157621_255639545140493_9146638743849926656_n I’m not too sure on liquid highlighters , I much prefer powdered ones because I always worry about applying it on top of my foundation and finding that it leaves a streaky blotchy mess on my cheekbones, but I gave this one a try anyway. I find that a little goes along way with this product as I’d rather have a subtle shimmer on my cheeks than a full on glowing shine. I found that this does actually streak quite a lot when applied on top of my normal foundation and that it was way too shimmery with lots of glitter in it.  I also found it quite sticky when applied which I didn’t like the feel of it and it dried quite quickly after application which made it harder to blend in. This might work better if your having a none foundation day and just want a slight sheen to your cheekbones. It may also be good for those glam nights out where you just cant get enough glitter. I did dot a bit of this on my eyebrows and cupids bow to highlight them and it works quite well.

The Huda Lip Contour Pencil in the shade Bombshell was the next product I tested. This is the first Huda product I have used and I have heard about Huda before so was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. 44143086_311823899643127_4830757912055906304_nThe lipstick pencil itself looks of high quality so I had high hopes. This is a lovely nude lip colour and goes really well with my other lipsticks. I can imagine this shade suiting most skin tones as it it very neutral. It is creamy in texture, glides on easily with high pigmentation. I’m not sure that it does anything different to other ‘cheaper’ lip liners though so I doubt I would pay full price for this. This is a matte lip liner and it defined my lips really well the only problem was that it smudged quite easily and didn’t stay put all day so reapplication was needed.

This colour teamed up perfectly with the last product I got which was the Laura Geller Love Me Dew Lip Crayon in the shade Fig Prosecco. Again this shade is nude with neutral tones and reminds me of Autumn leaves and would probably suit any skin tone. I’ve never used a lip crayon before and found it really easy to use. I’ts got a buttery creamy consistency and feels more like a lip butter than a lipstick. Although the colour is great I bet it lasted no longer than an hour before I had to touch up. I personally like a lipstick that lasts longer but I will probably use this as a balm as it does add moisture to my lips.


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