Younique Epic Mascara . Review.

44375417_305660343353956_1461578899837157376_nI’m not actually selling the younique makeup range myself. I bought a starter kit with the intentions of selling it but then found I had no real time to do this but thought I would give the makeup a go anyway. I’m always on the look out for a mascara that does the job of making my thin sparse eyelashes look fuller, thicker and longer but havnt yet come across one that actually does the job.

I finished my last mascara which was a cheapy called oriflame that I got from a previous glossybox. This did nothing for my eyelashes but I didn’t want it to go to waste so I have been using that with and it has made no real difference to the way my lashes looked.

Then the other day I thought to give the Epic Mascara a go. I’d not heard alot about this mascara until I told a few friends that I was thinking about selling younique, to which most of them told me they thought the mascara was the best.

So the description on the website says that this mascara has been clinically proven to add incredible volume, length and curl for unstoppable lashes and for maximum effect team it up with the moonstruck esteem lash serum.

Ive gotta admit I’ve been using this mascara for a couple of days now and I have recieved lots of lovely feedback on my lashes so I’m pretty impressed with this. I can see a massive difference. You can apply lightly for a daytime natural look or heavily for a more dramatic night time look. It stays put for hours too, to the point where it takes quite a bit of scrubbing to get off. Overall, I think I will be buying this product again. It costs £19.00 so not too bad on the old purse strings!

What mascara do you swear by let me know ! Hope you enjoyed reading . Follow me x

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